From cute to - not so much

I was at a birthday party for my goddaughter and her sister (4 and 12 respectively). I made each of the girls a little framed painting. They were appreciated. Thought I would start with the cute in this post. And I mean really cute. I made the girls like Lilac and Apple Blossom fairies. I actually went out and picked some flowers from trees and bushes on the street. 
I said it was cute, didn't I?


...and the not so cute
Then I went on a sugar high and made two contributions to, hump_day_smut , where the theme this week is Squick. Do I have to say more? One zombie comic and one… other. Yes, pingviini , I did that one. The zombie comic (“Zombie Sirius wants to f*** your brains out”) is not squicky at all, and the other one (“You could poke out an eye with that”) is of the type were men (in this case Lucius, Snape and Moody) show their appreciation (at least some of them) for…  something or other.  It won't make you sick or want to scrub your brain with bleach. (I hope...) I wanted to do something funny, not really squick myself out either.

If you like, watch out for Zombie Sirius here, since he will come back in more comics.


Herbal Babies and other things

I have a pic on hump_day_smut . Last week, the theme was Kink.  I've had a bit of a problem with my carpal tunnels, and I have to spare the hands for work (and itty bitty drawing from time to time, since sometimes it hurt too much to hold a pen).As usual, the drawings are not worksafe, NC-17, not fit for children, and very sensitive, homophobic or otherwise yada yada. It's mainly H/D having a tender moment in a bathtub. I'm working on next assignment now: Squick. That is so fun to draw... *laughing smugly*

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Touya Mejin

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It's Hikago day today and lots of nice blind_go fics to read. What better day to return to fandom! I have kind of a hellish week, with a book translation (nothing fun at all, just boring operating system thingy) and lots of proofs coming in between and no sleep.
But I've decided to try to draw more fandom things again (not just dragons my sister wants to tattoo on her back). So I decided to pinch-hit for hd_smoochfest . And signed up for a lot of things on hump_day_smut . There were totally wonderful themes this time, and I will start out with Kink and proceed to Squick (It probably says something that I like to draw things that squick me, I'd rather not speculate what it says)
After the hell week, I'll be fairly free and wil cooperate with pingviini  again in romance novel translating. And drawing. Hoping my wrists hold out, since that carpal tunnel thing is rather annoying. We had a very nice dinner last week with a lot of squee, as usual (and I will watch Sherlock Holmes, you can never get enough subtext...)

Today I'm also (while working, there is nothing wrong in multitasking) downloading Kuroshitsuji manga. To my complete horror, OneManga had removed it after a C&R letter. There are only two of the books available in English, and even if I have stroked the Japanese ones in the shop, I'm not buying books I can't read. Probably.Maybe. We'll se.

Almost back

I’m still in the land of the living. But I’ve had very limited internet access for a while, since I’ve moved. Not entirely voluntarily, but due to human greediness and an evil hag from hell I’m now residing in an apartment a bit outside town and had to put two thirds of my belongings in storage. There are some advantages: I have a balcony! And no one can see into my home (at the former place I had full view into my bedroom and living room and had to live behind curtains). And I have everything I need, not lacking anything (I miss my books the most, but all of those I read over and over again are here…) Other than the relocation, I think I’ve had my share of bad things happening this fall… The xh is hospitalized for the umpteenth time, and has been hanging on a thin thread from time to time. A little bit better now though, but not well. I’ve got inflammation in both hands and I have to wear hand protectors (or whatever they are called). Positive note: the hand protectors look quite cool, like I’m going skateboarding or something… Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it sounds a bit like a 70’s movie with Sally Fields. It’s oddly bearable, and I was very relieved when I got a real diagnosis very fast. As usual I thought the visit to the doctor would go something like this:

Me: My hands hurt and feel numb all the time.

Doctor: Have you tried to lose some weight? (This has actually happened, but then I had a hangnail and the good doctor asked me if I had heard about the Scarsdale diet – this was 1998, and I guess no one had heard about that diet since 1978.)

Me: I have problems with small buttons and picking things up, and it hurts.

Doctor: Are you dissatisfied with your work? Are you depressed?

Me: I love my work. Not so much as I will be after this visit.

But instead the doctor was great. I will also get help with my ongoing fight with the health insurance, so there are a lot of good things happening too. I feel very removed and not updated on LJ and fandom things, but hopefully this will change soon and I will be back to reading and drawing. Before my hands started hurting I drew some things, here is one of them, and two pics from my new living space.

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Artz and stuff

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Enough whining for the day… Wednesdays are still fun. Not only for the new Bleach episodes, but since it’s the Smut Day as well.

Since I was too occupied with navel-gazing, I missed the deadline for Sirius Big Bang, but at least I’ve done my assignments for Hump Day Smut.

Here are my latest contributions. Remember, not worksafe, gratuitous nudity, porn and all that.  

Polyjuice: The 7 Potters and the 24-hour Polyjuice. What I think the 7 Potters in DH would have done if the polyjuice lasted 24 hours instead of one.

Cross-gen: Teacher’s pet. It was supposed to be Harry/Snape, but it morphed into Draco/Snape instead. It was the pairing in the first HP fic I ever read…

Divination: Wrong Channel. I did my first femslash ever – I think… Sybil and Minerva

Honeydukes: Hot Chocolate Harry. Harry as a chocolate frog, only human. And naked.

 I got this comment on DeviantArt (when I tried to make a  nativity scene with HP characters): “Wha-at a minute... who's the baby? And are Harry and Draco gay together or something? I'm confused.”  What do you answer?.´Should I laugh or cry? Explain fandom? "Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away the Kirk/Spock worship grew" Yaoi? "When two appealing characters appear on screen or in litterature, do you want to marry them or do you wish they had more hot steamy sex with each other?" The Christmas gospel? "the baby is like the baby Jesus..and since it's Mpreg it's just as realistic as immaculate conception." The concept of AU? And the H/D thing is quite strange, since it's in every other HP drawing I've ever done...
Just kidding, I appreciate every comment I ever got. I'm just moody and sarcastic, and not only looks like my passport picture right now, but like the userpic above.

HD Porn

P0rny and P3rvy

Back from a back-breaking session with the chiropractor.

Last Friday pingviini and I had a Junjou Romantica Fav episode watching session (Squee & Sake TM). I’m so happy that she has written a couple of short JR fics. Yummy. 
Growing up (Misaki/Akihiko) 
Distorting Mirrors  (Ogata/Usagi, JR/HnG crossover) 
Jealousy  (Akihiko/Misaki)

I’m still a bit incoherent after the final ep of Kuroshitsuji. (OMG Sebastian’s boots! Watch it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)
Things that irritate me: I think Harukanaru could be a wonderful anime, I like the story, the setting, the pretty boys, the drawing style, almost everything but the protagonist. I seriously want to strangle her as soon as she shows up. Usually not even the most blatant sparkly shoujo irritate me that much.
Sometimes I wish I was more pervy. Like after reading two fics on my flist. Both made me laugh to much a long time afterwards in completely inappropriate places where I couldn’t explain why I suddenly started to giggle uncontrollably.
The first one is Kuroshitsuji, amanuensis1 has written one of the scariest and funniest fics I’ve ever read.  His Butler, Belated, has spoilers for the ending. It borders on the kind of squicky that by all rights should make you lose your lunch, but since it’s amanuensis1 , it never crosses the line where it’s not funny anymore. Tastefully Icky, as she wrote. And the summary is the best, really: "I said Necrophilia and Chan and you still want a summary, too?"
When we’re talking about squicks, I guess it’s no secret that I’m a total sucker for over the top and outrageous things. Like calanthe_fanfic 's new HD Gush. She has the ability to write kinks I never will have and somehow make me wish I did have them. I’m in total awe of the way she doesn’t shy away from anything and make it both funny and a good read. Also hot.
Did I say I wish I was more pervy? Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.
*innocent flapping of eyelashes*
My latest contribution to hump_day_smut  is by far the most pr0ny drawing I’ve ever done. The theme is imitation of a famous artist. Since I’ve already done Tom of Finland and Hokusai/chunga once, I thought of attempting Milo Manara. He’s one of my first and absolute favs when it comes to graphic novels, sadly never with the boyxboy stuff, (I always read that as boxyboy in the beginning, and thought it was a strange descripition for slash) but Manara's women are always beautifully drawn. This is H/D though, and they are doing things that aren’t worksafe in any way.And they have no pants. 
Bathroom Encounter at hump_day_smut .

Spring Outing

Sister H managed to convinced me to join her and her friend O for a little picnic on Sunday. It's supposedly spring, but the temperature is still rather low. There were some remnants of ice on the water and quite windy. But we thoguth that hardy northern people like us shouldn't be intimidated by such trivialities so we spent a couple of hours by the water. Since we are modern and updated people, O brought his computer and played reggae songs through YouTube for us. I brought my beautiful but seldom used picnic basket and we had lots of good food.

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Recycling Art

I’m studying for my translation test which was supposed to happen yesterday, but fortunately was postponed a couple of days. And I realise I have no study technique anymore. Back in the beyond I think I had something like it. I seem to remember pens in different colours and mindmaps and stuff. Was I really such a Hermione back then? Now I just read and write things down and hope they get stuck in my brain somehow.
And on a totally different note: the[info]hump_day_smut theme this week is recycling. As in recycling fanart you’ve used before. My humble contribution is something I did for HP Wankfest last year. It’s Draco and it’s – of course - NWS. If there is a fest this year too, I will definitely participate again. Fests are fun. I’m thinking of participating in [info]hd_smoochfest, but I don’t know if I will find the time to do it. Lots of fun prompts, though.

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 At least I’m only going to have my three cats after today, since sister H has returned from Vietnam and took her two kitties back. I’ll miss them, but five cats are a bit too much. She gave me a poster of “Uncle Ho” (I wished for a T-shirt with his picture but she couldn’t find any) and a cute frog made of wood. It looks like a dragon, a bit like the little mechanical dragon (spouting fire) my mum and sister brought me from NYC a long time ago. It’s so nice when your whole family embrace your geekiness.

It's so funny that the usual manga spoilers made the whole Bleach fandom explode. And nearly the same thing in the Naruto fandom. Do they time those things? It's very exciting, I'm squeeing too. 

Touya Mejin

Software woes and Hikago love

I’ve been good this weekend, working a lot. I’m learning a new job (subtitling) and this week’s task is translating a show about Japan, so is all right with me in every way. The job isn’t easy, but really fun. I’ve almost finished the things due on Tuesday already, since I’m going to IKEA tomorrow with my mother, and computer shopping (for her), which is a daunting task in itself.

 Other than that I’ve been totally immersed in Hikago lately. Watched fav episodes with[info]pingviini Thursday evening. She was really tired but still managed to make a wonderful dinner. Japanese-style, eating with chopsticks.As usual I managed to place some soy sauce on my fav sweater. And then we squee’d for hours in front of the TV. It  was really nice. Since then I’ve read Hikago fic for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a short break for taking the Xh out shopping and Indian food Saturday, and today when I had to get some work done.  A lot of nice stuff goes on in the Hikago fandom. Some extremely good writers and of course, the usual extremely strange stuff people write. The only disappointment is the lack of good long fics. I found a few. I started reading one that seemed a bit promising, until the writer, in chapter 10, declared that there wasn’t going to be any Hikaru/Akira in the fic, and I could see the shadow of a Hikaru/Nase/Akari love triangle.
Eeew, het, I thought and ran away, fast. I’m not really interested in het love stories. Often too mushy for my taste. And also, the fandom needs more Ogata love. I don’t get why he’s often portrayed as so creepy. Self-centered and single-minded, okay, but creepy, no.

 And I just discovered that all of today’s translation is gone. Why can’t I save? This is the third time this happened. New software, shit, shit, shit. Haven’t I worked with computers too many years already? At least I did the research, and the second time it’s much easier.
Much later: Done, once more. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some fic before bed.

Less Talk More Art

Vote for me

Shameless appeal, I know, but two of my drawings are up for vote a couple of hours more (today only) at hp_fringeart  and if you like them, please put in a vote for me here, these two drawings are mine. It's for the "HP Characters dressed up like other fandoms" challenge.


I also have an extremely belated Harry/Draco Valentine picture. It's a bit NWS (bare chests and crinkled bedsheets) but not more than PG-13, I think.

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